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Sewer Suction Machine we are manufacturer of suction machine last 10 years
Garbage Compactor Ozone Envirotech Is Best Manufacturer And Fabricators Of Garbage Compactor.
Dumper Placer Ozone Envirotech Is One Of The Biggest And Largest Manufacturer & Fabricators Of Dumper Placer.
Garbage Suction Vehicle. We Are Manufacture Garbage Suction Vehicle.
Suction/ Sewer Jating Machine On Chassis Mounted (TATA-709) Ozone Envirotech offers Suction/ Sewer Jetting Machine On Chassis Mounted (TATA-709) model. Capacity of tank is 3000 to 5000 Liters use in machine imported pump.
Suction/ Sewer Machine On Trailer Suction/ Sewer Machine on Trailer are high pressure Sewer Jetting Machine, which is suitable for effective and efficient cleaning of choked underground drainage and sewer lines.
Jetting Cum Suction Machine On Chassis Mounted (Tata - 709) Jetting Cum Suction Machine On Chassis Mounted (Tata - 709) suck in only 5 to 7 minute to load a tank. Clean a high pressure water and air sewer line.
Suction Machine On Chassis Mounted (TATA -709) Suction Machine 3000 liters capacity on TATA 709 vehicle, Pressure And Vacuum Pump (made in Italy Group) fitted and drive on P. T. O. These are highly applicable with sewer cleaning apparatus and sanitation equipments.
Suction Cum Jetting Machines With firm commitment to quality, Ozone Envirotech is manufacturing and exporting a comprehensive range of Suction Cum Jetting Machines.
Garbage Tipper on Ashok Leyland (Ghantagadi) Garbage Tipper on Ashok Leyland (Ghantagadi) is 12volt Battery operated power pack hydraulic systems 1.6mm Garbage MS Sheet easy to carry and Garbage Tipper on Ashok Leyland (Ghantagadi) is capacity 1.5 Cum.